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Talit Communications


 Talit Communications is a privately owned company with over 35 years of experience in the Israeli entertainment industry. Founded in 1977, Talit has evolved from an established presence in talent management and live event production to a dynamic leader in the Israeli television market. Lead by its founder and Chairman Yehuda Talit and its Managing Director Omri Batz, the company focuses on all aspects of television communications ranging from TV production, content distribution and the exploitation of ancillary rights as well as the exclusive representation of foreign channels in Israel.  


History - A story of success

1977: Talit was founded by Yehuda Talit. The company has focused on the production of large-scale concerts and over the course of the next two decades has brought internationally renowned artists such as Sting, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan and B.B. King to Israel. Over the years Talit has expanded the range of event production, turning to opera, musicals, theatre and sport with shows like the Bolshoi Ballet, The Barber of Seville, 42nd Street, Walt Disney’s World On Ice and the Harlem Globe Trotters.

1997: Talit took a strategic initiative to transfer its capabilities to the expanding television market and established Iguana Productions, headed by Ron Isaak, as its television production arm.

1998: Talit established its new channels representation department and secured the representation rights to Fashion TV and the MCM music channels, initiating their on-screen presence in Israel.

1999: Together with two local partner producers, Talit incorporated Synergy Communications and received the license to produce the youth channel "YTV" for the Yes satellite platform. Following previous cooperation, Talit signed a merchandising and distribution agreement with German content provider EM.TV, securing access to the “Junior” catalog, a library consisting of thousands of half-hour animation programs, including evergreen like “Maya the Bee” and new hits like “Flipper & Lopaka”.

2000: Talit completed one of the largest private placements in the Israeli entertainment market. The company sold a 50% stake in its holdings to EM.TV, with a view to expanding the company’s rights catalogs in the Israeli market as well as financing international productions. Talit signed a representation agreement with Europe Images, a French distribution house, giving Talit access to one of the world’s largest catalogs of documentaries, animation series and live action programs. Talit closed an agency agreement with the Jim Henson Company. The agreement secured the TV and merchandising rights of the entire Jim Henson library, which includes classics like “The Muppet Show” and “The Fraggles” as well as new hits like “Farscape” and “The Hoobs”.

2001: Talit, in cooperation with Israel’s most popular football club Maccabi Haifa, established “The Clubs Channel”, a channel dedicated to the interests of Israeli football fans. Shortly thereafter the consortium was joined by Hapoel Tel Aviv; Israel’s other leading football team. The channel secured the representation rights for “Manchester United TV”, providing exclusive footage of one of the world’s leading football clubs.Talit sold the idea for the animated television series “Fairy Tale Police Department” to EM.TV. Production of the concept, which was developed by Ron Isaak, was executed by Yoram Gross Animation Studios in Australia and supervised by Ron Isaak. “Fairy Tale Police Department” was the first animation project originating from Israel to be produced by an international company for worldwide distribution.

2002: Following a change in the strategic outlook of EM.TV and Talit as well as adjustments in the German media market, Talit decided to repurchase all of its shares from EM.TV and is now wholly owned by the Talit family. Talit joined the Eden Channels consortium for the establishment of the second commercial channel (Channel 10) and secured long term content and original production acquisition contracts for its production companies.

2003: Talit secured the exclusive representation rights for “TV5MONDE”, a French general interest channel that is broadcast to over 135 million households worldwide. Together, with local partners and investors, Talit incorporated “TV Mall”, the first interactive retail commercial channel in Israel. The channel enables television viewers that are connected to the digital platform to roam through a virtual shopping mall and purchase a wide variety of goods. Talit closed an agreement for the production of “Baby TV”. The channel is dedicated to babies and toddlers and aims at providing entertainment coupled with early educational programs.

2004: Talit secured the exclusive representation rights for "France 24" international news channel from France and the leading European sport channels "Eurosport", insuring their distribution in Israel.


 2006: Talit, in cooperation with Iguana Productions, launch the "Junior" channel in Israel, consisting of many high quality hours from the EM.TV catalog alongside classic TV shows specially for kids, such as: "Maya the Bee", "Pinokio" and more. The channel was first launched on Yes satellite platform and later on HOT cable platform as well. 


2007: In an unprecedented media deal on the Israeli local market, Talit and Elite Sport Limited (a subsidiary of the FOX International Channels Company) signed a long term agreement for Talit’s operations, broadcasting and production services for the Baby TV channel across the world.

2009: Talit acquires two TV channels from the 360 channels group in Germany: "Home and Family" channel and the "Karma" channel. "Home and Family"  channel broadcast on HOT cable platform and Yes satellite platform in Israel and the "Karma" channel on HOT cable platform. Talit secured the exclusive representation rights for the "National Geographic" channels in Israel.

2010: Talit launched the Nat Geo Adventure and Eurosport 2 channel both on HOT cable platform. Home & Family channel was upgraded and added various design contents as well as changing the channel's name to home+.

2011: A new season of Kofiko, the most successful children's show ever in Israel is now in pre production scheduled to air in December 2011. France 24 channel was launched in French on HOT on July 17th,2011. Talit Communications organized a festive French cocktail in the presence of Media people, politicians, ambassadors and actors. Trace Sports HD, the new HD TV Channel proposing factual entertainment and lifestyle content exclusively dedicated to sports celebrities has joined Talit protfolio's foreign channels. The channel was launched in June 2011 in Europe.

Baby Channel

The first of Its kind channel, offering 24 hours a day of commercial free television created especially for infants and toddlers under 3 years old. Surrounding its young viewers with dedicated content, the Baby Channel is a great place for introducing and exploring the world promoting learning, development and fun. The Baby Channel's core service is its round the clock, commercial free linear channel. In Israel, the Baby channel is available on both cable platform, HOT (channel 75) as well as satellite platform, Yes (channel 40).

For more information visit us at www.babytv.co.il



Safari KIDS

The channel presents the life of animals & the rules of nature, it invites young viewers to dive into the world under the water & "touch" the wildlife.

The channel encourages the preschoolers to explore the world around them promoting learning development & fun.

The channel is available on the cable platform HOT (channel 79).

For more information visit us at : safarikids.co.il



The most successful children's show ever in Israel: 2,400,000 Internet- downloads a month! 250,000 VOD a year!

Kofiko is a funny, slapstick-packed format that is sure to make kids around the world laughing.

It all started with the best selling books: The first book was released in 1958 and became an immediate best seller. Since then author Tamar Bornstein-Lazar published 150 Kofiko bestsellers to date.

Kofiko the television series: 40x18'

A new season of 25 episodes is now in pre production scheduled to air in December 2011.   

The Kofiko series follows the adventures of a feisty, loveable talking and rebellious monkey from the African jungels, landing right into the lap of the Laser family and their suburban lives. The original series from 20 years ago is considered the most successful children's show of all time in Israel, with a numerous and continous number of downloads on the Israeli cable VOD platform. The high production value and tremendous success make the series a guaranteed hit in any country.

The Kofiko series enjoys an unprecedented success and is available for worldwide distribution as a format and/or an existing series (for dubbing and/or translation).

For further information please contact:  sales.kofiko@ttc.co.il