TALIT MUZIC PUBLISHING is a Joint Venture between Elisa Amouyal and Talit Communications.

We have a proactive marketing approach in order to create high level placement opportunities for your music titles. We believe in advertising and newsletters. We have our own dynamic database in order to perfectly match the needs of our clients.

Our very wide network and everyday collaboration with all broadcasters, advertising agencies, most prestigious brands and clients, production companies, Pay TV operators and music supervisors/ clearing agents give us a huge advantage and  infinite chances of pitching your catalogue.



We can create an added value for your catalogue in Israel considering our volume of work, experience and our 360 media company.  

The interaction between music and television is constantly growing in the current market and having a one stop shop with TV channels, a TV Production Company with vast experience in all media aspects can increase your revenues and can maximize the potential of your catalogue in Israel.

 In addition we offer the undisputable reputation of Talit as a long term local partner to some of the greatest media companies worldwide and its financial wealth and stability which cannot be ignored in a market like Israel.





Our close and long last relationship with ACUM, our local society, as a significant Publisher in Israel, allows us to get fast answers and fast collection.



We have a very detailed and transparent reporting and make payment on time.




Elisa Fermont-Amouyal is a lawyer specialized in IP Law and has worked for over 15 years in the Music Publishing Business as a VP Business Affairs, Business development, and COO at Media Men Group Ltd.

During that time she has successfully managed in Europe a network of Music Publishing companies (MMG HQ Ltd) representing US and European music publishers such as Universal Music Publishing, Warner Chappell, BMG RM, Peermusic, Kobalt Music, Imagem, Roba Music, Ole Music, Fintage, Spirit Music, Sido Music, Because Music, Westbury Music, Editions Raoul Breton, and UPPM, KPM, Megatrax, Boosey…to name a few) in different territories including Eastern Europe and Middle East working either from Israel and then in her office located in Paris.  

Elisa Amouyal is the CEO of Talit MuZic Publishing.


Talit Communications is a privately owned company with over 35 years of experience in the Israeli entertainment industry. Founded in 1977, Talit has evolved from an established presence in talent management and live event production to a dynamic leader in the Israeli television market and Music Publishing.

Led by Yehuda Talit and its CEO Omri Batz, the company focuses on all aspectsof television communications ranging from TV production (Talit owns and produces 3 TV channels in Israel), content distribution and the exploitation of ancillary rights as well as the exclusive representation of foreign channels in Israel including Fox, National Geographic, Turner, CNN, CN, TruTV, Adult Swim, Discovery, Eurosport, TV5, Tiji, FTV, France 24 and many more.


Talit also has a booking agency for leading Israeli talents. In the past, Talit has brought big tours to Israel including Bob Dylan, Dire Straits, Ray Charles, Leonard Cohen, BB King, Sting, Duran Duran, Tracy Chapman, The Bolshoi Theatre… (www.ttc.co.il).


Both their international experience, their knowledge of the Israeli market and Talit’s predominance in the TV and  Music Publishing business will allow Talit MuZic Publishing to best promote the catalogues they represent in Israel.


Contact us Elisa@ttc.co.il; +972-585060678